Men’s Luggage Archive

Most suitcases are somewhat masculine, while others are more neutral. We know that men need more than just a fancy suitcase, so we took a look at a wide range of bags designed for men. Whether you’re carrying your laptop or your gym clothes, finding the right bag can really make a difference. The right bag can prove to be very practical, as well as showing off your personal style. Our top lists will help every man find the right bag for him.

What are the Best Luggage Sets for Men?

For the most part, luggage is pretty gender-neutral. You have your standard solid black color option with most bags. However, when it comes to luggage sets, there are a lot of matching patterns that tend to have a feminine look. Thankfully, there are still sets of luggage

Best Gym Bags for Men

If you’re a guy who goes to the gym on a regular basis, you probably have a go-to bag to carry any appropriate gym items. Gym bags are a lot more diverse than the standard carry on suitcase, and all the different choices of styles simply comes

What’s the Best Briefcase for Men?

  Briefcases have been a reliable ally to businessman since the 1850s. Whether you are a CEO or another one of the guys in the office, most men desire a high-quality briefcase to keep all of their work belongings with them day after day. Picking a briefcase

Leather Duffle Bag Reviews 2017

Duffle bags are a common item for travelers when going out of town on vacation. For the traveling business person, leather duffel bags are the item of choice, as it is a convenient carry-on that doubles as an attractive item. However, with the plethora of bags to

What’s the Best Leather Messenger Bag for Men in 2017?

Your grandfather had a briefcase, and you almost did too. Thankfully, somebody came around and invented the messenger bag – which is easier to carry, and a more versatile alternative. Messenger bags are a great way for guys to carry laptops, documents, tablets, or anything else really