Women’s Luggage Archive

Women know that sometimes the boring black suitcase needs to be upgraded. Thankfully there are a wide variety of luggage manufacturers who know just what women want. Luggage for women usually contains more feminine colors and patterns. Along with looking better, your bag will also stand out in a crowd.

Luggage isn’t the only thing that women need for traveling, it’s also nice to have a tote or handbag that suits your style just like your suitcase can. We’ve selected our favorite top-rated bags just for women.

P.MAI Valletta Women’s Luxury Backpack Review

Backpack Backstory For my first consulting project, I took the train downtown and walked about a mile to the office headquarters. After using a shoulder laptop bag for the first few trips, my shoulder and back started aching after the long walk. I went to a few

Top 5 Luggage Sets for Women

Disclaimer: We understand classifying a certain suitcase as being for women can ruffle a lot of feathers. This article isn’t meant to generalize the preference of an entire gender. This article is for people out there who are looking for a specific type of bag marketed to

What’s the Best Laptop Backpack for Women?

With everyone always wanting technology with them on the go, laptop bags for women are a highly desired item. More specifically, there is a special market out there for laptop backpacks that are specifically made for women. From the look of the bag, to the durability and

The Top 7 Laptop Bags for Women

What do you picture in your mind when you hear “laptop bag”? We wouldn’t be surprised if you think of the standard black laptop bag that all companies seem to lend each new employee, man or woman, on the first day at the job. You can step

Best Travel Bags for Women

The world of luggage offers so many pieces that are appropriate for all types of people, places and things. With many airlines, you can take a personal item with you on the plane that you can keep with you in your seat or stow under the seat