5 Ridesharing Tips to Get and Keep a 5-Star Rating

Savvy travelers are always looking for new ways to get around when they’re exploring a new city. Travelers who want a taxi cab alternative love using ridesharing services. Most ridesharing services use rating systems to hold riders and drivers accountable. If a rider with a 1 out of 5-star rating requests a ride, drivers may not want to pick that person up. On the other hand, if a driver’s ratings begin to dip, riders may cancel the ride between the time they find out who the driver is, and the time of pickup. We wanted to offer our readers some tips on how riders can get and keep a 5-star rideshare rating.

how to get 5 star rideshare rating

What is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft allow customers to use an app on their phone to instantly call for a car. The app knows where you are, so all you have to do is type in where you want to go.

Ridesharing is the new norm for travelers who are sick of riding around in taxi cabs. Ridesharing has been a complete market-disrupter, flipping the taxi cab industry on its head in the best way possible. We’ve all ridden in smelly yellow cabs, with a driver who just yaps on their phone the entire trip, offering terrible customer service and monopolistic pricing. As we progress through the ‘sharing economy’ more and more consumers are discovering all the great new options offered to them.


5 Tips to Get and Keep a 5-Star Rating

Rideshare services are unique in that they allow riders to rate their drivers, and drivers to rate their riders. If you get a low rating, you may have a tougher time getting people to pick you up, so here are some good tips to be a 5-star passenger.


1. Be Nice

It should go without saying, but honestly, just by simply being nice and polite will get you a 5-star Uber or Lyft rating. Being nice can also help make up for some minor mistakes. If you’re running a little late, apologize! Don’t be rude or demanding. Don’t be loud or obnoxious. Ignoring the driver by carrying on with loud, private, or inappropriate conversations is frowned upon by drivers.


2. Don’t be a Backseat Driver

It’s totally fine if you politely suggest a preferred route you’d like your driver to take, but don’t be pushy. Backseat drivers are the worst for everyone, especially rideshare drivers. It may be a tough habbit for some to break, but try not to say things like “Can you speed up?” “Wrong way!” or “It’s fine! Just (insert illegal activity here)!” No driver will appreciate you asking them to break the law, so avoid it at all costs.


3. Respect the Car

Don’t drink alcohol in the car and don’t make a mess. It’s also frowned upon to overload the car with people or things. Be honest about how many people will be with you, and don’t try to squeeze an excess amount of your luggage or other belongings inside the car or trunk. Don’t leave any trash in the car, just take it with you and throw it out when you get out. And for Pete’s sake… don’t throw up in the car. Throwing up will cost you a hefty cleanup fee and an all but certain 1-star rating.


4. Be Prepared

It’s super important to be prepared by inputting your destination before you request the ride. If you’re in a hurry and request the car before picking a destination, the driver may be annoyed with you for being ill-prepared. Being prepared also means being ready to go as soon as your driver arrives at the pickup location. If you are running behind, see rule #1.


5. Don’t Annoy the Driver

Every driver is different, some are very outgoing and talkative, while others are more reserved. If you have a reserved driver, they probably don’t want you to talk their ear off and ask a million questions about them and what it’s like being a rideshare driver. Have some self-awareness and feel out the situation.


All you really have to do is remember that your driver is not a robot, but an actual person. That actual person is providing you with a rating, just like you are providing them with a rating. When your ride is ending, why not thank the driver and let them know that they did a good job and you plan on giving them a 5-star review? If they know that, and you didn’t violate any of the above rules, you will probably end up with a great rating as well.

When it comes to reviewing your driver, try not to nitpick. You’ll find that some drivers go above-and-beyond the norm by providing riders with things like free bottles of water, mints, gum, etc. Just because your next driver doesn’t, does not mean that you should penalize them with a sub 5-star rating. Drivers want a good review too, so they do what they can to earn it from you. If a driver is friendly, and gets you from point A to point B safely, go ahead and give a 5-star rating – why not! Bottom line – review how you want to be reviewed!

Services like Uber and Lyft are only going to grow in popularity, and you don’t want to be stuck with a low rating. These ratings are tied to your phone number and mistakes early on, could become tough to correct in the future.

All you have to do is simply follow these 5 general rules of thumb and you should have no problem getting a 5-star rating from any rideshare service.


Have any ride sharing tips of your own that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

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