Looking for luggage can seem daunting when you see how many brands are competing for your attention. Some are household names, and others you may be hearing about for the first time. Either way, we went through extensive research to determine the top ten best luggage brands. Below you’ll find the 10 best luggage brands for travelers of all budgets:

Best Luggage Brands Top 10 Guide

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Tumi Best Luggage BrandTumi
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Briggs and Riley BrandBriggs & Riley
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Timberland Best Luggage BrandTimberland4.6/5$$$
Nautica best luggage brandNautica4.6/5$$$
Travelpro Best Luggage BrandTravelpro
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Delsey Luggage BrandDelsey
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Travelers Choice Best Luggage BrandTraveler's Choice4.4/5$$
Olympia Best Luggage BrandOlympia4.3/5$$
Anne Klein Best Luggage BrandAnne Klein4.2/5$$


Is Samsonite Really the Best Luggage Brand?Samsonite Best Luggage Brand

The short answer: Yes. Samsonite comes as the most highly rated luggage brand when considering an average budget, which is why we consider it to be the best luggage brand for most people. This brand has a vast catalogue of luggage that includes luggage sets and carry-ons with hard and soft cases, bags with wheels or over-the-shoulder straps and almost any other bag category imaginable. We’ve gone ahead and written about Samsonite luggage reviews for all the top luggage types.

Although Amazon customer reviews prove that Samsonite has a lot to offer the luggage shopper, Samsonite can be beat if you are looking for the best quality and are willing to spend more money. However, if you ask someone with limited knowledge about luggage to name a brand, he or she will almost always come up with Samsonite first. This is a testament to the brand’s longevity and reputation of continuing to put out exceptional products for the price.

If cost is not an issue, our hands-down favorite luggage brand is Tumi. Tumi suitcases are a step above Samsonite when it comes to overall quality, but also price – which may put them out of reach for the average luggage shopper. Tumi manufactures a wide range of suitcases and bags, giving them quite the catalog. Shoppers with a larger budget will really like what they get from Tumi. All in all, Samsonite and Tumi really are the best luggage brands.

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Is Tumi Luggage Worth the Price?

Tumi Luggage Tegra-Lite International Carry-On BagWe absolutely think so! And so do thousands of owners who write reviews all over the Internet. Tumi owners are extremely brand loyal and we typically find Tumi owners who are going on 20+ years of being a loyal Tumi customer. Tumi is widely considered to be a luxury luggage brand, which is why it’s listed on our top luxury luggage brands article. Depending where you live, there are Tumi stores in some moderate to high-end shopping areas and malls, which is great if you want to go and see the lineup in person.

Yes – Tumi is quite expensive compared to the other brands listed on this page, however, you can expect a longer life from Tumi over other brands. Tumi owners time and time again rave about how long their bags last, sometimes through generations! Tumi suitcases typically start at around $500 and can go all the way up to $1,000 just for one suitcase. This may seem expensive at first, but if you are a frequent traveler, you know that luggage durability is important. A $100 suitcase may experience some wear and tear much faster than a high-end Tumi bag. In 20 years you may have bought several bags, when you could have just bought a Tumi bag once that would last you the entire 20 years.

UPDATED: Tumi has officially been acquired by rival Samsonite to the tune of 1.8 billion dollars, which was officially announced August 1, 2016. This will most likely not mean much to the consumer. Samsonite knows that Tumi is an great brand on its own, and Samsonite will not try to step in and ruin that. In fact, Tumi sales are forecasted to double by end of next year. Samsonite may be on the hunt to acquire even more luggage brands, so stay tuned to see how it all unfolds.

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 Are Expensive Brands Worth it?Expensive Luggage Brands

While considering luggage rankings, price is definitely a factor to consider in terms of overall value. The most expensive luggage is not always the best, but there are some brands, like Tumi, that are worth paying a little extra. Could you spend over $1,000 on a designer suitcase from Saddleback and fall in love with it? Of course you can. You can use it to transport those fancy pants you clearly own but, for many consumers, the budget usually allows for something a little less expensive. We’ve created a resource to help people with a little more money to spend, who are looking for the best luxury luggage brands.


I have a ____ and I love it! Why isn’t it on the list?

Yes, there are many great luggage brands that are not listed in our guide. No, we did not mean to offend you and your taste in travel bags. The purpose of our list was to take on the difficult task of narrowing all luggage brands to a list of the top ten. We wanted to gauge the true quality of a brand, so we sought out a large pool of actual reviews from actual customers. If we could only find a small amount of reviews for a particular company, we left that brand off. Most of our reviews were compiled from Amazon, which does an excellent job of compiling reviews from actual purchasers of that particular item. We’re doing our best to conduct thorough research and offer thorough analysis so we can continue adding more charts and luggage reviews of various brands, styles, and categories to help you make informed buying decisions.


What About Luggage Made In USA?Luggage Made In USA

If you are American and want to support your country’s economy, and if you are looking for a quality luggage brand, there are not very many companies that can say their luggage is completely made in the USA. This is not a big shocker considering the low cost of production overseas.

The results may vary for brands at the top of our list. For instance, some Tumi Luggage parts such as handles and wheels are made in the USA, some of the brand’s luggage sets are fully made and assembled in America and some sets can also be assembled in Italy. As for Samsonite, their items are manufactured in the Far East with the exception of the Samsonite Black Label collections and items, which are manufactured in Europe.

For luggage that is 100% made in the USA, check out Filson. Since we did not have enough data to compare Filson with other brands that have over 500 reviews, we did not include them on our Top 10 Best Luggage Brands List. However, this company has a great reputation for high end and high quality luggage.