Samsonite Luggage Reviews for 2021

As we’ve previously written about, Samsonite is the best luggage brand overall for the average shopper with a modest budget. It is completely possible to spend a lot more money on luggage, but Samsonite truly delivers the best value for the price. For travelers with a moderate budget – we can’t say enough good things about the Samsonite brand as a whole.

We have segmented several types of luggage and travel bags and determined what the best Samsonite product by type of luggage. Below you’ll find our compilation of the best Samsonite luggage reviews by category.

Samsonite LuggageShopCategoryRating
OmniCheck PriceBest Hard Sided4.7/5
LiftCheck PriceBest Soft Sided4.3/5
Black Label CosmoliteCheck PriceBest Lightweight4.7/5
Tectonic 2Check PriceBest Backpack4.7/5
Columbian Leather FlapoverCheck PriceBest Messenger Bag4.6/5

Best Samsonite Hard Case Luggage

Omni Hard Sided PC

Check Price

Carry-on dimensions: 20″ x 14.5″ x 9.8″ | 6.8 lbs.

Mid size dimensions: 24 x 17.5 x 11.5 inches | 8.3 lbs.

Large dimensions: 28.5 x 20.5 x 13.5 inches | 10.35 lbs.

Everyone has their preferences in the heated hardside vs. softside luggage debate, and for those looking for the best hardsided luggage from a trusted brand like Samsonite, look no further than the Samsonite Omni line. People on team softside often criticize hard sided luggage for being prone to scratches. The Samsonite Omni PC series is built from 100% polycarbonate material that is well known for being scratch resistant.

Another complaint that soft sided lovers have for hard-sided is that they are not expandable, meaning a zipper that goes all around the bag when you need an extra 2″ or so of storage space. The Omni PC combines the awesome ability to expand your suitcase to fit more, with the hard sided material – a rare combo!

Security was also not overlooked when Samsonite designed the Omni, they each come equipped with a built-in TSA approved luggage lock. This built-in mechanism lets you lock the zippers next to each other, making it impossible to unlock without some very special brute-force tools.

Omni owners have very favorable ratings for the suitcase line. A common love that reviewers share is the surprise at how lightweight the bag is. Hardside suitcases tend to be more lightweight than their soft sided counterparts, and the Omni truly embodies that attribute.

If a 6.8 lb. carry on is just OK, and you could really go for something even lighter, definitely scroll down to see our favorite light-weight Samsonite bag, the Cosmolite Black Label carry on, which weighs just 4.5 lbs.

The Omni PC series is also sold in a 3-piece set if you don’t want to purchase individual pieces.

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Best Samsonite Soft Case Luggage

Lift Spinner Luggage

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Dimensions: 25″ x 17.5″ x 7.5″ | 7 lbs.

The Samsonite Lift soft case was rated highly among a large number of customer reviews. It’s a great bag for travelers who want to spend a reasonable amount of money for a well-made piece of luggage. Many agree that the Lift is a good-looking bag that is lightweight, durable and easily maneuverable. It comes in the standard black color, but is also available in red and blue which make it easy to spot on a carousel in baggage claim.

As for its durability, a few reviewers mentioned that a nice feature of this bag is the additional handles that the bag has on the top, right and bottom. These side grips offer less wear and tear on the top handle. The spinner wheels allow the bag to spin 360 degrees, contributing to the bag’s handling and maneuverability. As for the size of the bag, it is the right size for international flights in economy class.

Some people have complained that the bag tips over while others responded that they haven’t faced that problem. Those who have not experienced their bags tipping might have packed their heavier items closer to the wheels. Overall, many of the Samsonite Lift customers would recommend this bag, proving that you don’t need to spend a lot of money for great luggage.

Best Lightweight Samsonite Luggage

Black Label Cosmolite Spinner Carry on (3.74lbs.)

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Dimensions: 21.65″ x 15.5″ x 7.87″ | 3.74 lbs.

Making travel easier is an ongoing mission of Samsonite, and the Black Label Cosmolite line offers superb lightweight luggage that is durable and maneuverable. Black Label is the premier top-tier of Samsonite luggage and really gives Samsonite the ability to compete at the same level as luxury brands like Tumi and Briggs & Riley.

This luggage is made of Curv material which is exclusive to Samsonite in the luggage brand. Curv material consists of layers of woven polypropylene that is extremely lightweight and provides superior durability. In fact, this material has high impact resistance, can withstand extreme temperatures and can be found in ice skates and bumpers.

As for maneuverability, its four spinner wheels which helps the bag handle and roll quite well, even on carpet. Another feature that contributes to its maneuverability is the retractable handle that easily locks in place. The interior divider made of flexible mesh fabric and the cross straps secure and organize luggage contents.

Owners have reported that they are happy with their purchase because the bags are lightweight and capable of fitting everything to travel abroad. Although a few reviewers have commented that the bags are expensive, others say that they are worth the cost for frequent travelers. Another customer mentioned that the 30” model can result in an oversized luggage fee for some US airlines.

Best Samsonite Backpack

Tectonic 2

Check Price

Dimensions: 13″ x 9″ x 19″ | 3.1 lbs.

Samsonite is surely more famous for their well-made line of luggage than their backpacks, but if you’re looking for a great backpack, it is possible to stay brand-loyal to Samsonite. If you want to explore some other backpack brands, check out the top 5 best backpacks for travel.

You won’t find Samsonite on that list, but it is hard to break into that exclusive top 5. Samsonite’s Tectonic 2 is perfect for any Samsonite fan looking for a new backpack. This is a great backpack for many different types of users: students (college and high school), professionals, and of course – travelers. There are different sizes available for the Tectonic, this particular model is 19 x 13 x 9 inches and weighs 3.1 pounds.

This backpack has many pros, including its built-in strap to harness to the handle of a rolling suitcase, an adjustable computer pocket that can fit a laptop up to 17” and five separate compartments that are very roomy. Additionally, the bag has cushioned straps and back and has a sturdy build.

As for the cons, the zippers are not as strong as other backpacks, the small metal rings can show signs of rust if frequently wet and the bag could use some smaller pockets. The Tectonic can be expensive in stores like Best Buy; however, it’s usually more affordable if you buy from Amazon.

Best Samsonite Messenger Bag

Columbian Leather Flapover Case

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Dimensions: 5.5″ x 16.5″ x 12″ | 4.4 lbs.

We included the Samsonite Colombian on our list of Best Leather Messenger Bag for Men, and we’ve included the bag on the Best Samsonite list as the brand’s frontrunner for the messenger bag category. Since messenger bags are easier to carry and more versatile than briefcases, this bag offers you both the convenience of a messenger bag and the assurance of owning a bag from a company as reputable as Samsonite.

Although some leather bags can feel pretty heavy, the Samsonite Columbian is a good lightweight leather choice as it weighs in at less than four pounds. This bag is made of soft brown leather that is smooth and does not scratch easily, but is also hand-washable and easy to clean.

Many owners have received compliments while traveling because of the bag’s eye-catching and professional look.  Additionally, the leather is thick and sturdy, making the bag as durable as it is attractive.

Other notable features for this bag are its interior, latches and handle. As for the interior, the bag has many pockets that can hold a lot of belongings and a padded compartment for a laptop as large as 15.6 inches. The bag’s latches buckle and unbuckle smoothly and effortlessly.

While some users report that they were uncertain about the handle because it comes through a hole in the flap, the feature does not put tension on the clasps, making the bag feel sturdy and supported. Overall, owners find that the price is quite low and budget-friendly for this quality leather Samsonite messenger bag.


Samsonite’s reputation leads potential and existing customers to trust in the brand’s commitment to making good quality luggage, and this brand dominates the luggage industry because of one simple fact: Samsonite makes extraordinary luggage for the price.

It can be overwhelming when shopping for luggage in specific categories, so we hope that you’ll enjoy these Luggage List approved Samsonite bags. Our Samsonite luggage reviews were written to make your job of luggage buying stress-free.

Whether you need a backpack, a hard case suitcase, or even if you don’t know what you need – we are here to help. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reply below.

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